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Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for standing with me in prayer so faithfully. I do not take this for granted. I can feel the undergirding power of prayer on every one of my trips. The apostle Paul said it plainly in 1 Thessalonians 5:25: "Brethren, pray for us." He was a busy guy heading out on his next missionary trip, but he always asked his friends to cover him in prayer. I am doing the same!

...Below you can see me preaching in a women's conference in West Lebanon, New Hampshire in early October. We had a regional women's event at Wellspring Church, near the campus of Dartmouth College. Women came from all over New England. The Lord released a lot of deep healing in this day-long meeting. Many women were also baptized in the Holy Spirit. I also spoke on the Dartmouth campus and a girl from Cambodia gave her life to Jesus! She was from an atheist background.


…These are some of the young women (below) who came to the New Hampshire event. The girl next to me is Serene, who is originally from Malaysia. I met Serene a few years ago when she was a student at Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire. She was discipled by my friends Benny and Cindy Benson. Today Serene is serving as a campus outreach leader with The Navigators in Boston, Massachusetts, and she brought these young women to our meeting from there. The girl on the far left, Jaye, is interested in being an intern with The Mordecai Project!


…The next weekend I hosted our men's Bold Venture event in Philadelphia. It was amazing. You can see below that we had a full house, and men came representing 18 languages including Uzbek, Chechewa (from Malawi) and Arabic. I was especially blessed to see how many men are now taking the command to make disciples seriously. Some of the guys brought men they have been discipling regularly since we met last time.


…One of the most special moments during Bold Venture occurred on Friday when I interviewed Raja, who is the director of our Mordecai's House girls' home in India. I flew him over to the U.S. so he could be encouraged. It was his first time to visit our country and he was so excited. He shared the story of our work there, and about how he has struggled in India because of his caste background. Raja is from the "intouchable" caste, but I hugged him during the interview to make sure everyone knows untouchability is a lie from Satan! After Raja shared, all 130 men in the room tried to hug him!


...Below you can see the men who spoke at Bold Venture. They are from eight different countries including Iceland, Nigeria, Canada, India and Ethiopia. The guy who is second from the left on the back row is Robert Kaahwa, who pastors in Uganda. The Mordecai Project will be partnering with him to do a project for women in his village. All these men are dear friends.


…After Bold Venture, the speakers and some of the international guys stayed two extra days and we had a small prayer retreat together. It was like heaven on earth to have so many nationalities in a small group. My friend Matt Hyde (4th from left, back row) came to Bold Venture last year from Idaho to see what we are doing. He got so inspired that he brought other men from his church this year, and we will be doing a men's Bold Venture at his church in Boise next spring.


…Later in October I spent the weekend in Katy, Texas, near Houston, with Next Level Ministries, a new church planted by my friends Oliver and Susan Lee. I love these people! I did a special meeting for their leaders on Saturday, and then their English and Spanish services on Sunday. Below you can see us gathered together for lunch at the world-famous taco truck in Katy! Muy delicioso!


…Here I am with pastor Oliver and Susan Lee and their two children. Next Level is a small church, but they have been faithfully supporting our work. Last year they also gave a large gift to help us purchase the land for Casa de Estér, our women's shelter in Guatemala. I am so grateful for partners like these!


...It was worth the trip to Texas to see this young man, Tyler, get baptized in the Holy Spirit in our Saturday morning meeting. Tyler is hungry for God and ready to discover the deeper life God has for him.


...On my way back from Texas I flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for one day to speak at Oral Roberts University. The school is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and they invited me to give a guest lecture to students at the seminary. Here I am with Dr. Thomas Mathew, dean of the seminary. He has worked at ORU for many years, and he served alongside evangelist Oral Roberts in the early days. It was a blessing to connect with him. Another professor at the school met with me during my time there and said he is interested in partnering with The Mordecai Project to place interns in our overseas shelters. Please pray with me about this!


...Finally, last weekend Deborah and I went to Atlanta for our women's Bold Venture, which was held at Believers' Church. WOW! This was the biggest Bold Venture we have ever sponsored. We sold out two months ago but when all was said and done we had 175 women crammed into the church. We had to rent tents to create room for the overflow in the fellowship hall, because we eat all our meals together. And can you imagine: We had 175 women and only 6 bathrooms! But God was faithful and we did not have one glitch. The weather was amazing, the women met in 21 different small groups during the weekend, and they were deeply encouraged by all the speakers, panels, worship and fellowship. It was life-changing.

...Below you can see one of our main speakers, June Evans, praying at the altar on the first night. Several women were baptized in the Holy Spirit that evening. The young woman June is praying for is from South Carolina. She was not supposed to be there because the event was sold out, but we allowed her to come at the last minute. She got what she came for! It was delightful to have June pouring her life into the women. She has been in ministry for many, many years and she shared very honestly out of her experience. Other speakers challenged the women on how to break free from cultural and gender barriers so they can make a bigger impact. Also, behind June you will see my daughter Margaret Grady Turner (in the blue shirt). She was a speaker this year, and Deborah and I were so proud of her. She brought a powerful message about ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.


...Below you can see my wife, Deborah, with June Evans and Abby Olufeyimi, a pastor from Nigeria who leads a church in London, England. Abby brought great refreshing to the women as she encouraged them to press through the pain to give birth to their promise. We had a truly international event, with 12 languages represented. Our worship team was made up of women from Sweden, Nigeria and Brazil--and we had a special "Nigeria night" of African praise on Friday evening. It was so special to see women from all over the world dancing in the aisles and doing a conga line. We also had more than 20 women from a Slavic background. Our theme this year was "Find Your Voice"--and God definitely helped all these women find a new boldness to speak for Him. 


…Here I am with a group of women from a Brazilian church in Orlando who came to Bold Venture. Their pastor, Sylvia Pinto (center, back) has been discipling these young women for several years, and one of the youngest ones, Marina, was a speaker in our event this year. We are seeing the young generation arise as we provide mentoring and encouragement. I hope you will step out, find your voice and begin to make disciples as well.


Important Prayer Requests

** Please pray for me as I travel to three places in the next month. 

** Oct. 30-Nov. 1 at Bethel Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina (leaders meeting and Sunday services.)

** Nov. 4-8 in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico (men's conference and other church services in different cities on the island).

** Nov. 11-23 Mission trip to India and Sri Lanka. I will be sending a separate newsletter about this later. But please begin praying now. I will be taking a small team that includes my daughter Margaret. During part of the trip we will visit our girls' home in Tanuku, and we will be looking for a new building to purchase. 

** Please continue to pray for funding for all of our current projects. We need approximately $40,000 for the Peru shelter, $55,000 for the Guatemala shelter and $50,000 for our Colombia project. These numbers seem daunting but they are pocket change for our God! Please agree with us for a financial miracle.

** We are also agreeing for a miracle gift to help us develop the infrastructure of the ministry, provide for staff and pay for enhancements to our web site.

If you would like to give toward any of these projects, you can specify a designated offering when you give online. We are so grateful for your prayers, your friendship and your support. We love you very much!

Lee and Deborah Grady


About Us

The Mordecai Project is a Christian ministry devoted to empowering women, confronting abuse and transforming nations through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently donations are handled by Christian Life Missions, a not-for-profit charitable organization associated with Charisma magazine.


All gifts are tax-deductible. Secure online donations can be made simply by clicking on the “Donate” botton at the bottom of this newsletter. Or you can go to the Christian Life Missions website at christianlifemissions.org and click on The Mordecai Project icon.

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Board of Advisors

Rev. Doug Beacham, Bishop
International Pentecostal 
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Rev. Barbara Wentroble
International Breakthrough Ministries
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Rev. Chris Maxwell, Campus Pastor
Emmanuel College
Franklin Springs, Georgia
Rev. Mosy Madugba
Spiritual Life Outreach
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Rev. David and Angela Munizzi
Catalyst Church
Orlando, Florida

Barry and Myra Goldfarb
Deland, Florida
Rev. Michael and Eva Cole
Christ for the Nations Institute
Dallas, Texas

Rev. James Graham
International Gospel Outreach
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Rev. Sujo John
Sujo John Ministries
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Mimi Haddad,
For Biblical Equality
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rev. John Chasteen
The Chasteen Group
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Rev. Eddie & Beth Taylor
Church on the Hill
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