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What Is Stopping You from GROWING?

The apostle Peter wrote: "You therefore, beloved, ...GROW in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:17-18). God calls us to grow, and that is the purpose of discipleship. The Holy Spirit works in us so that we can grow up in all aspects of Jesus Christ. We should be growing in character, faith, trust, wisdom, purity, anointing, boldness and intimacy with God. And as you grow in maturity, you will naturally reproduce yourself in others through your influence.

I want to help you grow in 2015. When we disciple others we offer instruction (practical teaching), encouragement (loving affirmation), and exhortation (which can be like a friendly kick in the pants). But I want you to ponder these questions as you begin this year:

* How did you grow spiritually in 2014?
* What is your greatest obstacle to spiritual growth right now?
* How are you going to help other people around you grow spiritually in 2015?
* How can a mentor help you grow to a new level in this next year?

As one of your friends and mentors I want to help you grow. I would like to ask that each of you think of a question you would like me to answer in this newsletter over the course of the next few months. It can be about the Bible, ministry, relationships or a personal struggle. I do not have to use your name when I answer it. But I think your questions would benefit everyone. Please just hit reply and send your question. I will answer one or two questions each week, as time permits.

Southeast Regional Bold Venture: Save the Date! May 28-30

Hey guys I am excited to announce that we are having another regional Bold Venture event in the South this spring. The dates are Thursday May 28-Saturday May 30. This time we are meeting at my friend Matt Judd's church in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta is really close to where a lot of you live, so you can drive there easily. This year we are emphasizing the need for spiritual fathers and sons to work alongside each other. So we have some "older" men (I put myself in that category!) along with several young guys speaking. Our web site will be active in a few days so that you and your buddies can register. 

Remember that we offer full scholarships to college students or high school guys. You just need to contact me if you need financial assistance. We don't want anyone to miss out!

Bold Venture has been a turnaround moment for a lot of men. I guarantee that if you bring the guys from your church, they will never be the same. We are going to have an intense time of worship, practical teaching, honest sharing in our small groups, and powerful prayer ministry. And our very own soccer star Pedro Codo will be leading our exercise sessions. I advise you to get in shape before you come! 


I look forward to hearing from each of you in the near future. You know you can text, call, email or Facebook me anytime if you need anything. And please pray for me as I am traveling to Jacksonville, Florida; Washington, D.C. and South Africa in the next few weeks. I love you all!

     Lee Grady


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