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Highlights from Bold Venture Philadelphia

Dear Guys:


We had an amazing time at the most recent men’s Bold Venture event in Philadelphia. I don’t know why but it just seemed like the best one ever. The worship was amazing (thank you Gennady Vitorsky and the team from Word of Life Church), the messages were intense, the fellowship was deep, the prayer times at the altar were raw, and guys opened up quickly in their small groups.

I wanted to share a quick summary of what God spoke to me through the messages so you can benefit from what we heard in Philly. In this email I will share three of the messages, and then I will send others over the next few days:



Message #1: “How to Fight Through Trials” by Michael Coretti

Best Quote: “You will be fighting until the day you die!”

Michael reminded us that we can’t quit, ever! God made us to be fighters, and we will fight as long as we are on this earth. You do not have permission to go AWOL when the battle gets tough. Trials and difficulties are a natural part of life. God has given us important weapons, and we need to be ready to use them in order to overcome. The most powerful weapons are

  1. humility
  2. obedience
  3. the blood of Jesus
  4. the name of Jesus
  5. the Word of God
  6. the fire of the Holy Ghost.

You need to choose your weapons and prepare to fight. God has equipped you for the struggle.


Message #2: “Healed from the Father Wound” by Paul Carrette

Best Quote: “Many of us are trying to be fathers but we have never been fathered.”

Paul shared from his own life that when your father is not around, or he does not do his job properly, we grow up insecure—trying to prove our manhood because we were not affirmed in it. This is why we need healthy male relationships in the church. God can heal you when He puts a spiritual father or a Jonathan-type friend in your life. When Paul Carrette was a young Bible college student, God put a 350-pound Texas man in his life to father him. Paul says: “For the first time in my life I felt love.” If you have father wounds you must take these steps:

  1. Admit you are wounded. Our prideful male nature is to deny we are in pain.
  2. Submit to the process. God put Jonathan in David’s life in order to help him get where he needed to be. Let God place friends and fathers in your life.
  3. Close the wound. You have to be able to walk away from the pain after it is healed. Forgive and move on.


Message #3: “How a Mentor Can Help You” by Alex Ankudovich

Best Quote: “Great people are not born. You have to invest in them in order for them to become great.”

Alex shared honestly from his heart about how much he needed a mentor, and how he finally asked for God to meet that need in his life. Galatians 6:2 says that we are to “bear one another’s burdens.” God wants to put people in your life to help you, but you must be willing to cry out, “Help!” Many pastors quit the ministry because they didn’t have the strength to continue. They were trying to do it on their own. You must seek out a mentor to help you.

Alex said these three qualities he looks for in a good mentor:

1) A good mentor must believe in the person he is mentoring. Be encouraging rather than critical.

2) A good mentor must create a safe atmosphere so the guy he is mentoring can admit his faults and weaknesses. Learn to keep a confidence and don’t share secrets that someone has told you. Love covers a multitude of sins.

3) A good mentor is a good example. A mentor knows it is not just about what he says in sermons, but how he lives every day.

I hope these short summaries encourage you to press forward in the journey of discipleship. God is calling us to be champions, but in order to reach that place of victory we must be healed and mentored. And then we can help many other men do the same. If you would like to listen to the messages from Bold Venture, they can be uploaded from this link for free:

Session 1: Michael Coretti – “How to Fight Through Trials”

Sessions 2 & 3 Paul Carrette – “Healed from the Father Wound”

Sessions 4 & 5: Alex Ankudovich – “How a Mentor Can Help You Become a Man of God”

You guys are all a blessing to me. I look forward to the times we will have together in the coming months.


     Lee Grady




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